G is for Going Good (Well)

Wow, have I really not posted since the Winter?

Things have been really busy, which is pretty cool. The Winter play went very well, and the holidays with family and boyfriend were actually successful.

I did book a big deal Off-Broadway play this Spring, which was pretty awesome. Another famous writer & director team so that got a lot of publicity and people coming to see it (including important industry people). Since that recently ended, I also booked my first TV Guest Star! YAY! I also booked another recurring (possibly recurring guest) on another TV show, and a supporting role on a feature film! AND, I’ve booked a new musical workshop and production coming up, so I am basically booked through the end of the year and also most of next year. WOW.

In other news, I’m still working on fitness, I’m still hovering about 5 lbs over my goal weight, though I think I’m in better shape and muscle weighs more. But still wanting to lean down that last layer, so my new thing is adjusting my diet to eat healthier. No junk food, less carbs. More protein and fruits/veggies.

Relationship-wise, hoo boy. Boyfriend and I went through a pretty rough patch about both of us traveling, jealousy, not trusting each other, etc… I’ll spare the details. Things are OK for now and slowly getting better, but it still has its moments. We are living together, and surprisingly he is even talking marriage, but I am definitely hesitant about taking it to the next step if we are still having these fights.

On the industry-relationship side, things with manager and legit agents are great. I don’t feel I’ve got as much traction on the commercial side of things or with my commercial/print agents, but that’s ok because my focus has moved away from that anyway.

Got the new macbook air. It’s the BEST. Still in the black (barely) — budget memo: $+300.


F is for Family

Happy holidays! I’m visiting family for the holidays. This is the first time my parents are gonna meet my boyfriend, so fingers crossed it all goes well! My parents were initially not into meeting him, but we are all flying in to my older brother’s house; my brother and his wife basically said my boyfriend was invited and that was that. My mother apparently verbally threatened to not come, but she’s here now so we’ll see what happens when my boyfriend arrives tomorrow. Anyway I’m certainly grateful that my brother and his wife were in my corner about this.

Work-wise, I’m in rehearsals for a regional play; it’s going well and it’s a good regional theater gig: the writer/director is quite famous, and she really wanted me for this play–I’m getting paid vacation over the holidays and they paid for my holiday flight as well so that’s quite flattering.

Health-wise, I have a cold so that sucks and my energy is a bit low. Also, it’s kind of weird that Planet Fitness gyms don’t have a scale. So I haven’t been able to weigh myself in weeks since I’ve been away from home, I’ve only been guesstimating my weight. I think I’ve hovering just a bit above the goal weight I had finally reached before leaving for this current gig, so I need to watch my diet over the holidays.

Just before the holidays I had some good auditions for upcoming theater gigs, and I am up with callbacks for two good shows in the Spring. So fingers crossed for that, and/or a successful pilot season this year. I’ve now got a few TV co-stars and a recurring on my resume, so it’d be nice to book a nice guest star or even a series regular this year!

Budget memo: I’m up about $2300! I do need to get a new Macbook soon though…

E is for Election?

Woo boy. This morning’s election results hit me harder than I expected. I am sad for the potential that was lost, in not having our first female President. Of her proven track record for human rights and social progress. Of her being such a qualified political official. No one knows exactly how our new President-elect will actually turn out to be in office (regardless of his pre-election rhetoric), as he doesn’t have a background in politics. So fingers crossed he doesn’t set our country back too badly, particularly with social issues.

It’s strange that the show I’m currently performing is all about love and unity, acceptance (and self-acceptance) of all different types, genders, sexuality, etc. And, tonight was our first preview performance. It all combined to make a very emotional show tonight.

Career- (and budget-)wise, things are good. I didn’t end up booking that Broadway show (although it’s been pushed back so there’s still a chance it could come around again), but the current show is paying me well, and I have another lined up right after this. I also have potentially one more episode of my recurring TV show to shoot. I’ll be back in town for pilot season again and fingers crossed that things continue to be on the up and up next year.

Fitness is going well – I finally hit my goal weight! Although this was just before I left NYC for this job. I’ve been going to the gym here but it’s not the same scale as I have at home so I’m not depending on the scale here.

Boyfriend is good. He moved in and we redecorated and I’m enjoying it so far (although I’ve barely been home because of this gig!).

Representation is good, nothing new to report with Manager.

Budget memo: $+1901. 🙂 yay! Although I will still need to get a laptop any day now…

D is for Debt-Free!

Wow. So a lot has happened since my last post several months ago. Sorry I’m behind!

First, as to the title of this post, I booked an international commercial for a major major product. Although it did not air in the U.S., and thus did not pay U.S. residuals (the BIG-time $$$), they did pay handsomely for use overseas. Enough that I was able to finally pay off my credit card debt and also carry me through the whole year so far.

I also booked a recurring role on a network TV show! I shot one episode already, and have been booked for a second and asked about appearing in a third (and possibly more). My most impressive credit yet!

I also booked an upcoming regional new musical workshop for the Fall, and a major play for the Winter. This is all exciting, except I’m actually conflicted because fingers crossed that the Fall musical won’t conflict with potential upcoming episodes of the TV show. And, the Winter play could potentially conflict with a Broadway play that I’m currently in callbacks for! So, big-time fingers crossed that next month’s blog reports that I booked that Broadway play! But if not, then at least I have some pretty decent work lined up through the New Year.

So, the cycle of up and down continues, though at the moment I’m on an upswing!

Oh, except I guess I still have student loans so not totally debt-free.

As for the rest…

The gym is going well. I’ve settled into a good routine. Still hovering about 5 pounds over my goal weight, but maybe it’s a muscle:fat thing because I look and feel more in-shape even though I’m still at the same weight.

Boyfriend is going well, he is moving in next month. I guess I have to give it a shot or not to see if it’s meant to be or not. We’ll see!

Management and representation is going well, perhaps if I book something good this pilot season it might finally be time to up my game. But if not, things are slowly on the up and up.

Budget memo: $136. With a bunch more due to come in the next couple of weeks. And the two nice regional gigs lined up after that. So I’m good for now! Which is good because it is just about time for a new computer – I’m still using a MacBook (not PowerBook!) laptop that is somehow miraculously still working great even though it’s almost 10 years old, but realistically it could go at any minute.

C is for Classical v. Contemporary

This sure has been a difficult past couple of months. I’ve been up for so many fantastic TV shows during pilot season (Jan-Mar) and theater projects (several of them on Broadway!), and it looks like I’m not getting any of them. I did book a regional theater show coming up this Fall, but that was completely random and was not one of the ones I was really excited for. Who knows though, it could turn out really awesome. I also booked a commercial and some print work, and a ton of readings of new works, so at least I’m staying busy. But not making a lot of money at the moment – on unemployment again.

The title of this blog post stems from the recent trend of Broadway shows being geared towards contemporary pop/rock singing and music. Even revivals of classic musicals that should be sung with a more traditional sound. I’m a classical singer, and although I can approximate a more contemporary sound, that’s not what I do best nor what I’m interested in. I was up for two big Broadway musicals recently that by all accounts should be sung more traditionally, but was told that my voice was not contemporary enough for the “new” way they are doing them. Ugh. I had an identity crisis where I wasn’t sure whether I should start trying to change my sound for the sake of the current trend, but in the end (and with the advice of other friends in the business), decided not to. I may be missing out on some shows that I’m interested in, but if I stay true to myself and what I’m good at, I’ll be better prepared for when the right show does come along rather than spreading myself all over the place and having no direction.

In other news, one of my commercial agents left the business, and I started working with a new commercial agent – that seems to be going well. Print and hand modeling seems to be a little slow lately, but I’ve had more commercial auditions lately (with the new agent) so that’s good. Also having plenty of legit auditions for theater and film/TV through my manager as usual. And now… just to book some more!

Gym is going ok, am going pretty regularly but not very intensively. I’ve changed my diet to reduce carbs but I haven’t seemed to lose those last few pounds to my goal weight. I think the best period I had was when I was eating a salad every day for dinner so maybe I need to go back to that. And upping my cardio again.

Boyfriend is going well, we have been talking again about moving in together. Eek!

Budget memo: $-284. Not too too bad. Budget budget budget!

B is for Biding Time …or Barely Keeping Up …or Budgeting

So, after realizing I had accomplished some cool things in 2015, it’s now a month into 2016 and I’m a little anxious. I’m able to *barely* make ends meet with unemployment and occasional odd jobs, but I have no prospects ahead and it’s a bit scary. On the one hand it’s been pretty cool because I’ve been called in for several TV pilots (series regular roles!), which is a step up, and gotten called in (and called back) for some upcoming theater shows, but unfortunately nothing has panned out yet. Of course, something could happen in an instant with one good audition, but so far there have been several big projects that I thought I might get that have all fallen through.

But, rather than dwelling on the negative, I’m trying to take steps ahead. I’ve been exploring some different acting classes to try and up my game (although finances are going to keep me from getting too hard-core about training). and have been trying to explore different approaches to auditioning.

Boyfriend and I are doing well, I’m keeping it chill right now while I focus on trying to get a job.

In good news, I’m back down to pre-holiday weight! Just a couple of pounds to my goal weight. Some serious soul-searching has revealed that it’s just not in the cards for me to become much more physically active than I have been for the past decade, but I do know that I can make changes in my diet I have gotten better about cutting down on desserts and fats, but I am going to cut back on carbs and late-night snacking as well.

Representation is going well.

Budget memo: $-37. Not bad! Budget budget budget.

A is for A New Year!

Am I really 4 months behind on my blog? Oops. Well, as it turns out, 2015 turned out to be quite a busy year! I made my TV debut by appearing in co-star (small) roles on two cable shows, I also made my feature film debut in a dayplayer (small) role, and also my legit Off-Broadway play debut! All smallish roles, but in new arenas that I haven’t reached before!

The next step up would be to have a larger role on TV, a larger role in a feature film, and either a principal role in an Off-Broadway show or any role in a Broadway show. Fingers crossed!

I’m upping my training in the new year – new voice teacher, new acting classes, etc. – in order to try and reach this next level in my career.

So, in other news my boyfriend and I have passed the 4 year mark. We both went to individual therapy, and it seems to have done well for us both. He has taken his intensity a notch down, and I am trying to take it a notch up, and we seem to be doing ok in what is a casual-serious relationship. I must admit I’m not sure what the future holds – I enjoy his companionship immensely and consider him my best friend, and yet after prolonged periods of time spent together I still am glad to have time apart. So, I don’t know.

Diet-wise, the new workout was working quite well… Until the holidays! I gained those 5 lbs. back over the holidays that I had lost! The past couple weeks I’ve lost it again, so now back at the point of my previous post where I’m still 5 lbs. over my goal weight. So back to dieting and trying to incorporate more regular cardio into my routine.

In good news, the new roommate is working out great! A quiet student who pays bills on time and keeps pretty much to himself and is gone all the time. Yay.

Budget-wise, things would be all good other than the fact that I invested a big chunk of money to starting Invisalign — I wasn’t good about wearing my retainer these dozen years since I had braces in junior high, and it bothers me that my teeth are no longer completely straight. So, Invisalign! I’m excited to have perfect teeth again in about a year. So it looks bad but I have money coming in from my last commercial job so I should be breaking even again within a few weeks.

But, I must to get to budgeting severely this winter, as well as trimming my figure!

Budget memo: -$2323 (oops!).